Paper Mill Nozzles

Antifoaming Nozzle

Antifoaming Nozzle Antifoaming Nozzle Antifoaming Nozzle
Design Features:
● X type vane in nozzle body as a deflector
● BBG series are three-piece nozzles,
with removable cap
and internal helical vane
● BB series are one-piece nozzles with the vane
press fitted at the factory
● Midium to coarse droplet size
● Suitable for applications requiring complete coverage
● Male connection, 1/8” to 1/2”, BSPT or NPT
Spray Characteristics:
● Spray pattern: Full cone
● Spray angles: 43°to 104°
● Flow rates: 0.74 to 37 L/mim @3bar
● Midium to coarse droplet size
Ordering Information:
BB 1/4 – SS 10
Material: SS, 316SS, Brass


Common Applications
Washing and rinsing                  Dust control                              Paper web humidifying  
Gas scrubbing                           Quenching and cooling            Calender cooling
Fire protection / suppression     Defoaming                               Stripping agent spraying  
Wet sheet humidifying

Performance Data

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