Paper Mill Nozzles

Self Cleaning Nozzle

Self Cleaning Nozzle Self Cleaning Nozzle Self Cleaning Nozzle
Design Features:
●Features a piston-type design .When line pressure is low
the nozzle’s piston retracts to purge debris form the nozzle
●Available for use in environment with suspended solid and
showers with high solids content in the water
●Compact design fits easily inside paper machines Fast
easy installation and alignment
Spray Characteristics:
●Spray pattern: flat spray / solid stream spray
●Spray angles: 0°,15°,20°,30°,40°,45°,50°,60°,80°,100°,120°,130°
●Flow rates: 0.034 L/min to 48 L/min
Ordering Information:


Common Applications
Felt cleaning
Roll cleaning
Cylinder washing

Performance Data

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