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Quick Connect Pressure Washer Nozzles

Quick Connect Pressure Washer Nozzles Quick Connect Pressure Washer Nozzles Quick Connect Pressure Washer Nozzles
Design Features:
• High impact design with uniform distribution
• Quick connect for easy installation
• Color-coded for easy identification of spray angles
• Fast alignment and easy spray pattern direction
• Recommended for use with 4-7HP pressure washers
• Use as directed in the pressure washer's owner manual
Spray Characteristics:
• Spay pattern: flat fan
• Spray angles: 0°,15°, 25°, 40°
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Quick disconnect pressure washer nozzles

These are constructed with a 1/4" male plug that snaps into a 1/4" quick disconnect female coupler on the end of the wand. This coupler contains an o-ring to facilitate a tight seal. All quick disconnect female couplers in a pressure washing system contain these o-rings. It's important that pressure washer nozzles snap tightly into the female coupler. An improperly seated nozzle can become a projectile causing damage or injury, at the very least it can result in a lost nozzle.

These pressure washer nozzles are color coded to indicate what pattern (degree) of fan spray they produce.

The yellow tip creates a 15 degree fan pattern.These pressure washer nozzles are referred to as chiseling tips. Held at a 45 degree angle you can use it like a scraper to remove peeling paint or mildew. It is also used for other tasks where breaking the bond is harder than average. Of your different pressure washer nozzles You will find yourself using this one the most often when the task is tough. This is the only situation I know where you'll find that when the going gets tough the tough gets yellow.

The green tip produces a 25 degree fan pattern. This is a wash tip. These pressure washer nozzles are the ones to use when breaking the bond between the grime and substrate is reasonably easy. These can also be used for sweeping leaves or debris from flat surfaces or curbing. These pressure washer nozzles have the widest variety of applications as the fan degree allows for good impact pressure and cleaning coverage.

The white tip is rhe 40 degree fan tip. The wider dispersion of the impact pressure limits these pressure washer nozzles to rinsing and delicate washing. These are the tips to use for washing/rinsing glass or washing vehicles. These are great tips for wooden decks and all delicate substrates.

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