Incubator Nozzles

Incubator Nozzles Incubator Nozzles Incubator Nozzles
Design Features:
● Use water pressure only to produce fine atomization
● Good atomization at low pressure (40 PSI or more)
● Very fine droplet size (Dv90 ≤80 μm at 100 PSI )
Spray Characteristics:
● Spray pattern: hollow cone spray pattern
● Spray angle: 45°, 60°, 80°
● Flow rate: 3.4 L/H - 7.6 L/H at pressure 100 PSI
Ordering Information:


Watec's Incubator Nozzles are ideal for applications of humidity control calling for the finest spray at low water pressure.

This series hollow cone nozzles produce the finest possible breakup with direct pressure operation. No air or steam is requires as the atomizing medium. While higher pressures produce finer droplet sizes, these nozzles will operate satisfactorily on water at pressure of 40 PSI or more.   

Incubator nozzles are made of 316SS material for better corrosion resistance and long life time!   

  All nozzles are 100% inspected and tested prior to shipping. Besides our standard nozzles, Watec are ready to offer tailor made products as our customers' requirements.

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