Fog Nozzles

Fog Nozzles Fog Nozzles Fog Nozzles
Design Features:
● Very fine atomizing droplets (SMD<20 μm)
● Built-in check valve design, “dripping-free” operation
● Removable impeller inside, easy to clean
● Suitable for ordinary tap water as well as treated water
● Outer thread of 10/24 or 12/24
Spray Characteristics:
● Spray pattern: full cone
● Spray angles: 60°
● Flow rate: 0.05 L/min- 0.2 L/min @70bar
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Open space humidification      Comfort humidity control
Artificial fog making               Spray cooling
Ordor control                         Disinfection

No dripping operation
The integrated spring loaded check valve closes at a pressure of approx. 5 bar / 70 psi preventing water from  dripping when the nozzle is shut down. To achieve the optimum performance, the supply line pressure should be  relieved rapidly the moment the nozzle is shut down.

For cleaning purposes, the nozzle can very easily be taken apart and the impeller can be removed.

Generally, good filtration of the water increases the service-life of the nozzle and reduces the risk of clogging.

The nozzle is easy to install; it is hand tightened and comes with an O-ring seal, by means no other sealing    materials like Loctite or Teflon tape are needed for installation.

To prevent particles from entering into the system and clogging the nozzles the following procedure must be followed:
• Deburr and clean pipes and fittings prior to installation.
• Flush the system with water after assembling and before the nozzles are mounted

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