Using Mist Systems to Protect Commercial Kitchens from Fire Damage

Mechanism for Wet Chemical Mist Nozzles to Suppress Kitchen Fires
The series nozzles are kinds of extinguishing agent added mist nozzles or water based mist nozzles, also open type intermediate pressure water mist nozzles. The extinguishing agent would be potassium carbonate based or similar water based extinguishing agent that specifically designed to extinguish grease laden fires such as those found in commercial cooking areas.
Usually these nozzles are with single orifices to provide proper coverage to targets, i.e., the appliances and cooking tools.
The mist nozzles suppress a fire in three ways:
1. The agent sprayed interrupts the chemical chain reaction causing combustion, thus extinguishing the fire.
2. The agent is discharged by mist nozzles in very fine droplets, cooling the fire to below its auto-ignition temperature.
3. The agent reacts with grease to form a foam-like layer commonly called saponification that starves the fire of oxygen, stopping combustion and preventing re-ignition.

This series nozzles are tailor made to achieve the best performance for different appliances and extinguishing agent. Some parts of our standard mist nozzles would be replacement as nozzles in premier Brands of kitchen fire suppression systems, such as Ansul, Amerex, Buckeye, etc.

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