Spray Nozzles for Jet cooling unit & Quench machine

One of our customers in North of China has rich experience on Jet Cooling Unit and Continue Quenching Machine. Depending on these experience, they has developed the "Jet cooling mathematical model", " Multi-medium quenching mathematical model" to direct application. Over the years, thet has successfully built many JCU and CQM for many customers with several national patents in cooling technology.



JCU Jet cooling unit & Quench machine

Process   Quench, Solid solution, Normalizing, Water jet cutter, Control cooling
Material/ Type   Steel bar/ pipe/ plate/ wiring; Aluminum alloy; Machinery parts
Operation mode Continue cooling, Batch cooling, Immersive cooling
Cooling Medium Water spray, Mixed with fog/ air cooling, Compressed air jet cooling,
N2 jet cooling, H2 jet cooling


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