Spray Nozzles for Pulp & Paper Industry


High pressure web trimming solid stream nozzles
▪ It can form a straight needle solid stream, used for the trimming of paper
▪ Can work at a high pressure of 14 Mpa
▪ Available material for nozzle orifice is 316SS and ceramic and synthetic ruby

High Pressure Needle Nozzles
▪ Solid stream high impact performance – ideal for cleaning felts, fabrics, wire, suction rolls and more.
▪ Standard version features a tube on the back end that protrudes higher than competitive nozzles. This enables better quality water to be drawn into the nozzles and minimizes turbulence.
▪ Ruby orifice version is available for longer wear life.

Shower nozzles
▪ Disc-type nozzles fit inside the shower so the internal brushes easily debris away.
▪ Lock-ring holds the nozzles in place.
▪ Available in flat and solid stream spray patterns.
▪ Groove on flat edges makes nozzle removal from headers fast and easy.

Disc Nozzles

▪ Best option when space is tight. Flush mount to shower pipe.
▪ Provides the cleaning efficiency of flat spray nozzles.
▪ Orifice designed to prevent clogging.
▪ Best used with fresh water.

Self-cleaning Nozzles

▪ Available with low or high actuator pressures.
▪ Piston-type design. When line pressure is low, the nozzle’s piston retracts to purge debris from the nozze orifice.
▪ Ideal for use in enviroments with suspended solids and showers with high solid content in the water.
▪ Compact design makes it ideal for use inside paper machines.

For prupose of coating, moisturizing and marking, air atomizing nozzles are the candidates.

When it comes to general purpose nozzles for use in head boxes, we have the broadest selection available. You’ll find a wide range of capacities, spray patterns, spray angles, materials and connection options.

Wind jet nozzles for drying and blow-off operations

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