Water Mist Nozzles for Fire Fighting

Water Mist is recently developed new technology for fire suppression / protection.
Spray nozzles is one of the key perform components in those systems.

Mechanisms of WATER MIST SYSTEM to fight fire:
1.Coolling: small dorplets, very good evaparative cooling ability
2.Radiant heat blocking: vapor from the evaporation of micro-drops make a good coverage of the fire sources, flame and smoke, blocking the expansion of fire
3.Local oxygen inerting: the volume of the micro-drop expand up to 1500 times after evaporation, dispeling the oxygen around the fire spot

Traditional sprinkler systems use wetting as their main mechanism, and therefore use very large amounts of water. High pressure water mist system uses water much more efficiently: it uses up to 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems for the same application with equivalent or better performance.


●Highly efficient: efficient on both A- and B-class fires in laboratory tests and actual fires
●Non-hazardous: water mist is completely harmless to people and the environment.
●Clean: water mist uses only small amounts of plain, fresh water. It causes virtually no damage and requires very little clean-up.
●No sealed space: water mist does not require an enclosed space



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